We are extremely pleased to announce that Stephen Green and Associates have been granted Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) Body Status by the HSE.

SG&A have satisfied strict criteria of competence required of a professional ‘RPA Body’. We have shown the HSE that we have the appropriate arrangements in place to act in the capacity of an RPA Body, including the provision of RPA advice as a corporate organisation, under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17).

Currently SG&A have three certificated RPAs who can individually provide our clients with radiation protection advice, however being granted RPA Body Status will ensure SG&A can provide co-ordinated, expert advice at all times. This is achieved by having our experienced technical, but non-certificated members of the RPA team working directly under the supervision of our certificated RPAs to provide advice, without comprising the quality of the services we provide.

The RPA Body Status will also allow our RPA trainees to take a lead with the provision of RPA advice, in line with their experience and competency, but before they have fully satisfied all of the competency requirements necessary to become a certificated RPA. This allows our trainees to gain valuable ‘on the job’ experience to develop their skillset and will ensure that once they have achieved certificated status, they are ready to assume the role of a Stephen Green and Associates Radiation Protection Advisor.


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