We have reached out to a proportion of our client base to ask what else we can do to help you in our legally required appointments as RPA and MPE.  We have listened to your feedback, and whilst everyone wants to be compliant, the message we received was some would prefer a more distanced support approach with less frequent visits. Our response is to launch an additional service.

Our new service will be launched as SGA3, and addresses a less physical presence of SGA in your practice with a site visit every three years. In order that the testing requirements specified in IR(ME)R are still attained we do have qualifying criteria for the service, for example the three year testing cycle will only be available on intraoral and panoramic units.

We will continue to offer our one year (for clients with CBCT and no in house QA and handheld units) and two year visit services for clients that prefer a greater level of in-person interaction.

For all clients, we will continue to offer the high level of support you have come to expect from SGA but allowing you to choose how you receive it.

Your compliance remains our goal!  

So, what do you need to do?  Nothing! If you are happy with your current plan. We will contact you as usual to arrange your next visit.

If you would like information about the new plan, please contact us at partners@sga-rpa.co.uk.

05 June 2024

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