SG&A have been saving all used postage stamps from letters and packages sent to our offices for some time now. Having acquired a good amount, we searched online for a charity to send them to and came across The Charity Stamp Appeal located in Essex.

We contacted Terri Bush, the RNIB stamp appeal co-ordinator, who over the last 2 years has managed to raise over £47,000 from stamps for the charity. Terri now collects postage stamps from the UK and overseas for the Bone Cancer Research Trust and in their first year managed to raise over £150. Terri hopes they can build up to the vast amount that has been previously collected for other charities.

How does it work?

The stamps that are received are sorted into categories and then sold in bulk by weight. The charity receives £10 per kilogram, so it really is an easy way to raise funds! They work with an auction company that sells stamps onto collectors and dealers throughout the UK and overseas. However, the special collections, albums or rare stamps that are received are sold separately at auction (usually with a reserve on the items).

The majority of the stamps are sold onto private individuals to fill gaps in their collections, but some are also sold onto artists who use them to create pop art collage canvases.

If you wish to support Bone Cancer Research Trust they are currently collecting gold and white horizon labels, stamp collections and your everyday postage stamps. Please make contact by either email, or please send your stamps to:

Charity Stamp Appeal

20 Bowers Road





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